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My name is Raquel but my friends call me Rocky!  I am a wife to my very handsome husband and a proud momma to two handsome boys.  I’ve had it on my heart my whole life to share my passion for fitness.  My journey began in high school as a cheerleader and softball player.  Better movement drives my passion for fitness!  I trained outside of my sports to create healthy habits to perform and feel better.  After having both my boys I realized the importance of how a healthy view of fitness could empower me to reach goals I’d set on the back burner for years.  I found myself pushing my limits from Figure competitions, a beginning to a career as a fitness professional, a new business owner, a half marathon runner and a fitness mentor to new to the industry personal trainers. It was an amazing  7 years of education, growth,  set backs and personal and professional bests.  With a good few years of self reflection and prayer I realized my strong desire to set a better image of fitness.  I realized I needed to change my perspective from a fitness lifestyle to a movement lifestyle.  I don’t focus on the aesthetics of fitness but rather the positive effects of movement for health and wellness.  What a game changer!   My goal is to share what I’ve learned to help people move better, feel better, and look better…in that order!  What a relief it can be to stop focusing on the image of what fitness should look like and start focusing on what the body was made to do and make movement fun!  I’ll share my fitness adventures, life adventures, faith adventures and food adventures and I hope you’ll come along for the ride!