Fit Faves!

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I’m sharing some of my ‪#‎fitfaves‬ today! I don’t leave for my ‪#‎runs‬ without them! My ‪#‎mizunowaveriders‬ are a life saver on both my long and short runs. The arch support is a life savor for my plantar fasciitis. (Along with core work, hip and abductor strengthening and ankle mobility work) Stop by and see Dave @corerunningcompany to find your perfect fit! My Under Armour fleece lined pants keep me warm on my runs. I’m a cold weather baby and these keep me running no matter the temperature. I use Carmex lip balm to save my lips from the cold and windy runs. And last but not least all my runs start with a ‪#‎rhodiola110‬  Pre-run  energy boost. I’m just getting back in to the swing of things with my running.  After many, many months off I am more than excited to get back at it!  Most days you’ll find me at Phoenix training with the TRX and Functional Fitness mixed modalities but running is my peace.  No music.  Just me, my breathing, my prayer and the road.  It’s so important to find what brings you peace.  More on that soon! Check in on Fridays for more Fit Faves and ‪#‎FitTips‬!